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World Sports Advocate

World Sports Advocate

World Sports Advocate provides professionals working in the sporting sector with timely information and analysis of the key decisions that shape the regulation of sport. Written by experts for experts, World Sports Advocate has been providing guidance on key cases to professionals for over ten years. This access to both current and historic information provides our subscribers with unrivalled ammunition when contesting a case.

Database & Archive

World Sports Advocate has been tracking the policy decisions, court cases and rulings that affect the business that is sport since 2003. All of this information is presented to subscribers in our easily navigable archives, but also through a searchable database of sports law. Common issues can be accessed through a basic search, but our advanced search feature allows sports professionals to home in on the issues that concern them. This provides our subscribers with an advantage that cannot be matched.


World Sports Advocate prides itself on making complex issues easy to understand. Articles usually fall into one of the following categories:

  • Player contracts;
  • Broadcasting (TV, mobile, internet etc.);
  • Sponsorship;
  • Doping;
  • Betting / Integrity;
  • Image rights;
  • Taxation;
  • Use of sporting data;
  • Injury liability;
  • And much, much more…

Editorial Board & Contributors

World Sports Advocate has an Editorial Board that includes top practitioners that advise sport, the companies involved with it and the athletes that participate in it. Through regular communication with these experts, World Sports Advocate gains insight into the issues that really affect the business of sport, setting the publication apart. Our contributors range from seasoned experts to industry professionals and athletes who have suddenly found themselves in the eye of the storm. This provides subscribers with unparalleled information and insight.

A Network of Expertise

Our site is password-protected for a reason. Subscribers gain access to contact details for all contributors, and a comment section at the bottom of each article allows closed debate between industry experts - something that cannot take place in an open forum.

Print Publication

Subscribers also receive an easily-digestible 20-page monthly publication, which contains analysis of the key sports law issues as they happen. The publication features headshots of contributors, allowing subscribers to easily identify sports law experts at industry events. World Sports Advocate has been quoted by the BBC, has appeared on France24 and has won industry awards for its news reporting.

World Sports Advocate - an essential tool for the sports law professional.


A single-user annual subscription to World Sports Advocate is £649 which gets you:

  • 12 monthly hard copies of the publication
  • PDF for use by a single user
  • Complete online access to the publication for a single user
  • Fully searchable online archives, stretching back to 2003

A site licence annual subscription to World Sports Advocate is £1,200 which gets you:

  • All of the benefits from the basic annual subscription (you'll still receive one print copy of the publication per month)
  • Plus complete online access to the publication for up to five individual users

A university annual subscription to World Sports Advocate is £1,200 which gets you:

  • IP range online access for a single campus
  • Up to five monthly hard copies
  • PDF for use within the specified campus

A corporate annual subscription to World Sports Advocate is £1,800 which gets you:

  • IP range online access for all offices within one country
  • Up to ten monthly hard copies per office
  • PDF for use within the specified country

For any subscription enquiries, please contact Conor Molloy at or call 0207 012 1387.


"World Sports Advocate offers detailed analysis of the topical legal issues in sport, invariably provided by experienced practitioners."
-- Max Duthie, Partner, Bird & Bird

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