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World Sports Advocate

Volume: 5 Issue: 8
(August 2007)


Four Tour de France riders who failed doping tests could face surrendering their 2007 earnings to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), if they are suspended for two years under UCI rules. The four riders, Alexandre Vinokourov, Patrick Sinkewitz, Cristian Moreni and Iban Mayo Diez, are listed as signatories to the 'Rider's commitment to a new cycling' on the UCI's website, which states: 'If it should happen that I violate the rules and am granted a standard sanction of a two-year suspension or more... to pay the UCI... an amount equal to my annual salary for 2007 as a contribution to the fight against doping'. / read more

The Scottish Football Association's (SFA) proposals to clamp down on players who dive or feign injury using video evidence may be unworkable under FIFA laws. / read more

The Rugby Football League (RFL) is to meet Castleford Tigers, who labelled the RFL's decision to deduct Wigan Warriors four points this season for a salary cap breach that occurred during 2006 'one of the biggest injustices in the history of sport'. Castleford said it would decide on what action to take after the meeting - a date has yet to be set. / read more


I turned to my friendly dictionary for a definition of the word 'consult'. The word that leapt off the page towards me was 'discuss'. Now, I don't know what goes on in your households, but in mine, when my wife wants to have a discussion with me, this generally means the pair of us sit down over a cup of tea (or a cup of coffee in her case) and have a chat. At the end of the discussion, we generally do what she wants, but at least she can be said to have consulted with me and we can be said to have discussed it! / read more

The Trade Marks Registry recently refused to allow Formula One Management to trademark 'F1', rejecting its argument that the term does not consist exclusively of an abbreviation describing a form of motor sport. Matt McCahearty, of Macfarlanes, examines the Registry's reasoning, relates it to other similar cases in sport and debates the implications of the decision for sporting organisations. / read more

The Carlos Tevez affair continues with High Court proceedings being lodged over his proposed transfer to Manchester United. In this article, Ian Felstead, an associate at Olswang, suggests how West Ham may avoid further liability under the Premier League's Rule U18 and how English clubs may avoid liability for such agreements in the future. / read more

FIFA is keen to protect the 2010 World Cup from ambush marketing and has taken action against Uwe Koetter Jewellers, who arranged a competition where jewellery designs would be presented to the winning team. Steve Cornelius, a professor in law with the University of Johannesburg, highlights laws specifically drafted to protect South African sporting events from ambush marketing and explains FIFA's plans to protect their trademarks at the next World Cup. / read more

The United States has yet to enact legislation that prohibits the practice of 'ambush marketing', where a brand seeks unauthorized association with a sporting event. Stephen P. Durchslag, a partner based in Winston & Strawn LLP's Chicago office, explains how cases, such as AT&T/NASCAR, are helping to build clarification with regards to the US position on 'ambush marketing'. / read more

As the Rugby World Cup 2007 approaches, control of elite rugby union players has increasingly become an issue, as national Rugby Unions seek to withdraw players to prepare national teams for the tournament. The decision of Edinburgh Rugby to withdraw 12 players from the Scottish World Cup training squad was the perfect illustration of this, argues Patrick Camerer Cuss of Bird & Bird, who points out that arguments between clubs and countries over control of elite players are likely to persist until the European Court of Justice delivers its verdict on the Royal Charleroi Sporting Club's case against FIFA's rules on player release. / read more

About World Sports Advocate

The monthly law publication providing guidance on all aspects of sports law, including licensing and sports data, anti-doping and doping sanctions, TV and broadcasting rights, sport technology, players agents, disciplinary measures, sports integrity, sports betting, player contracts, intellectual property, transfer regulations, sports sponsorship and marketing, and governance, as well as coverage of key legal cases, sporting regulations and governing bodies including the IOC, UEFA and FIFA and sporting events such as London 2012. / read more

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